Musicians, Mentors, and Barroom Heroes is a live-music-centric radio show that feels like your living room… if you live at Checkpoint Charlie’s. Hosted by writer/bartender/art-slinger/archaeologist-in-training etc. Laura DeFazio. (Check out her writing etc. website here.)

Every Thursday 7-9pm (CST), WHIV 102.3 FM New Orleans! (You can stream us online here.)

Tune in for: A fly-by-pants’-seat celebration of live music, original songwriting, community, neighborhood watering holes, local culture, drinking, creativity in all forms, all things New Orleans, and whatever else turns up on the stoop.

Not to mention:

Strange gimmicks. (“Hair on the Air”! ‘on-air hairdos by Stacey Kelly Styling! On-air fried squirrel! Strange alcohol from the trunk of the car.)

Technological ineptitude.

Witless banter.

Bad sex jokes.

A little bit of dead air.

Rowdy peanut gallery.

Killer live local music, always!

No fourth wall, everybody’s welcome. Nobody knows who’s going to show up (or fail to)… so you might as well come too. Brang yo geetar! Or bring us another 6 pack… of water 😉

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WHIV 102.3 is a community radio station dedicated to human rights, social justice, ending all wars, and honoring independent voices. Visit the station site here to read more about our mission and work, and to stream the other great shows hosted by local DJs! Please consider becoming a member; every little bit helps!

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NOTE: This MM&BRH site has cobbled together from before ‘n’ after facebook posts, so apologies if the archives don’t make sense as blog posts. 

Also every time I try to put captions (aka photo creds) on pics, it messes up the painstaking formatting. But, many are by Stacey Bridewell, Lili Dove, Natasha Sanchez, Emily Jarand, Josh Straume… A few are from Shawn Williams, “Pizza” Mike Lilienthal, myelf, Jamie Lynn Vessels, Sly Theard, Melissa DeOrazio, Stella Salmen, Romain Beauxis….etc